Wealth management is a process rather than a product.

It’s a relationship that takes time to evolve. We make that investment of time with each client.

We ask the important questions and listen carefully until we understand exactly where your financial life stands today, and where you’d like it to be tomorrow.

Through every rite of passage and change – in your life, the market, the economy or the world – we will be there. Coaching, planning, implementing, and sometimes just listening. Because our success depends on yours, we make your goals our goals.

Jenni L. Riley, Business Development Director


Defining dreams — yours. The process begins with some questions. Many questions, in fact. All are important. Many you may never have thought about. And some may be a bit uncomfortable.

But they’re all key to understanding five crucial aspects of your financial life:

1. Where is your financial life today?
2. Where do you want it to be?
3. How will you be most comfortable getting there?
4. When do you want to get there?
5. Are you building your wealth? Preserving it? Or passing it on to others?


Setting a strategy. Successful financial management is built on a long-term plan. It’s much more than picking today’s hot stock or trying to time the market. It’s looking at your entire financial life, from investments to liabilities to insurance protection.

Investment planning is one part of your financial picture. The strategy must be based on an in-depth understanding of you and your goals.

We can also assist you in managing your exposure to taxes by consulting with you and your tax advisor to determine which assets you should hold, in what type of account you should hold them, and which investments you should consider liquidating.

The final element in setting a strategy is understanding where you are in the cycle of wealth management. Are you building, preserving or transferring your wealth? Or is it a combination?

Suzanne M. Hazlett, President


Put your strategy to work & continuously review its progress.

It’s this follow-through that allows you to see those dreams come to fruition. Acting as your financial coach, we help you carefully and thoroughly evaluate the choices and then implement your decisions.

Over time your goals may change. Your wealth management strategy should reflect those changes. We continue to monitor your progress and recommend mid-course corrections when appropriate. As independent advisors we offer access to perhaps the broadest, deepest array of products and services in the financial industry.

Whether your life’s goals encompass a comfortable retirement lifestyle, ensuring a child’s education and future, or transferring wealth to those you love, wealth management is a process.